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Stories of Grief and Healing Circle




Death and Cupcakes is a community event that is traditionally offered by heart2heart to provide our larger community the opportunity to have open and honest dialogue around navigating the living path of death, dying and beyond.  


We currently find ourselves immersed in a culture that is collectively both seeking comfort FROM and facing the reality OF the vastness of life, death, and our own mortality. The navigation of this journey looks different for everyone. When we host Death and Cupcakes in a group setting the clinical director, Cathy Brooksie Edwards, invites each person to share whatever is on their mind or in their heart. Most people choose to share a story around their loss of a beloved and the grief they are feeling. Some people talk about the actual journey through their grief process and where they are in the present time.  There are many folks who just choose to sit and quietly witness what the other participates are sharing. 


The common unspoken thread among everyone is the courage to embrace the conversation. 


With the current North Carolina state mandates in place for social distancing, and the continued need for these important conversations, heart2heart is now offering Death and Cupcakes here through an online forum. 


We invite you to first join us in the following mantra: 


When I slow down and find the stillness that is deep within me - I hear the soft whisper of my inner voice guiding me home. 


If you feel called to be a part of the conversation please share your stories, poems, thoughts, memories, and words with us. Please mail your submissions to us at


Our goal is to lovingly and with deep respect and gratitude present these stories for sharing either in excerpt or in totality on our new heart2heart blog spot.  Together we will continue to build community and find solace in the common threads that we all share on this path together. Please note that we also welcome you to be a witness and a reader.  We hope that you too receive healing from that. 

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“Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness.  It took me years to understand that this, too, was a gift.”               - Mary Oliver, Thirst




Death Cafes are part of a global movement.  The idea was born from the writings of Bernard Crettaz, a Swiss sociologist who believes talking about death leads to authenticity.


At a Death Cafe the community gathers to discuss life and death, with a serving of tea and cake. The objective is to raise awareness through open conversation about a topic that remains taboo.  The idea is “to increase awareness of death with a view to helping people make the most of our (finite) lives.”


Death Cafes are not-for-profit and there is no intention of leading people to any conclusion, product, or course of action.


Learn more at

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