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"From your greeting that made me feel valued (almost treasured), to your attention to my needs and concerns, to your strong yet sensitive hands and the music that instilled a deep sense of pleasure, calm, solace and joy... The experience of massage with live music was grand. Thank you.~ Joy Javits, Founder, DooR to DooR of UNC Health Care

"I am so grateful for the loving, attentive care my husband received over the last year of his life. Brooksie created a sacred space for him- one where he felt totally comfortable, heard and held. I believe this presence gave him peace and a sense of calm needed for his Transition, as essential part of his well being. A precious gift given, also so comforting and reassuring for me.  I thank you with all my heart!" ~ Barb Ford

"I so appreciated the loving energy that was in the room. Brooksie and Amy's way of looking at us showed us that we were held in positive regard, compassion and caring. It was wonderful to have the whole hour to listen to Garth and Amy’s music, never intrusive, always soothing. With so many folks I’d assumed that the hands-on healing would be brief, but it was long and lovely. The hour opened my heart to myself and to our team praying for wholeness and wellbeing for all. Thank you so very much."

"The session that I attended  was amazing. I am not sure if I can put into words how wonderful it was to have this opportunity to experience these talented ladies’ gifts. It was both relaxing, transporting and spiritual for me. I thank you so much for creating this opportunity for all."

"As professionals we spend our time being the cheerleaders to caregivers, encouraging them to makesure they’re taking breaks and taking care of themselves. I firmly believe we need to hold ourselves to the same standards that we encourage in others. Compassion fatigue is a real thing, and the self-care event was just what I needed...I needed to slow down, breathe, and take time for myself so I can go out and keep doing what I do. It was a gift to be still and to receive. The music and the gentle touch was incredibly soothing and I left feeling lighter than when I arrived. Sometimes it takes a lot to quiet my busy mind, but with the guidance of the volunteers, I felt so relaxed. Thank you."

"Such an amazing experience! I would love to see this happen again in the future. It truly was very relaxing and an eye opener to what meditation can do for you. My first experience of this sort and one I would be open to do again! Thank you so much, I have heard so much positive feedback from fellow workmates."

"Body work with Brooksie is a beautiful experience, she is intuitive healer who listens with her hands and her heart as she gently or not so gently engages the body. Adding music by Amy/John deepens the experience by soothing the mind and drawing ones attention inward. I highly recommend it." ~ Frank Phoenix

"I reached out to Brooksie and Amy with the hope of creating a space to honor the death of my grandmother. Since she had requested we not have a funeral, my family members desired a way to honor her passing that would feel private, sacred, and meaningful. Several trusted people highly recommended heart2heartnc and I now understand why. They provided an outdoor space in nature with breathwork, instruments, healing chants, and structure to the process. This supported family members regardless of religion or spiritual practice, as it was the most welcoming and safe space we have experienced. This even brought us closer together as a family, and we often reminisce about the positive impact heart2heartnc created for us. 

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