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Community Events

Death & Cupcake Series

Join us in keeping this much needed conversation about death alive. This “Death Cafe” style conversation is open ended, free flowing, and organic. From Advance Directives to honoring our ancestors.  From home funerals and green burials to artistic expressions of grief. Let’s gather as a community and delve deeper into the topic of death and all of its facets.

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Tending to the Heart

Please join us in this scared time set aside to tend to our precious hearts. Through the powerful combination of touch, sound, intention and gentle guidance we will provide the heart space to love fully, grieve deeply and bring comfort to ourselves and our community.

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Past events

Living with Dying: Grief, Loss, Beauty and Joy

An exhibition of art and readings from Heartspace: Real Life Stories on Death and Dying in Saranac Lake, New York hosted in 2021. 

Abundance NC

Abundance NC  is our heart2heart 501c(3) partner and has evolved from educating the public about local food, renewable energy, local economy and basic sustainability to going deeper.  While still facilitating all of those social movements, Abundance NC has deepened their mission to include the work of individual and community healing and  The Power of One.  They believe that we can only change ourselves and inspire others.
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