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Death Faire

Stay tuned for 2023 event info coming soon.

Healing Art Classes

Learn about heart2heart's upcoming Professional Development Opportunities for Continuing Education Students, Massage Therapist and Body Workers, and curious learners of all backgrounds.  

Death & Cupcake Series

Join us in keeping this much needed conversation about death alive. This “Death Cafe” style conversation is open ended, free flowing, and organic. From Advance Directives to honoring our ancestors.  From home funerals and green burials to artistic expressions of grief. Let’s gather as a community and delve deeper into the topic of death and all of its facets.

More info here. 

Grief in Motion

Grief in Motion is a monthly opportunity to use gentle movement and breathwork to help move grief through your body.

Songs of Devotion

Join professional sacred musicians in a community singalong event of prayerful singing and chanting and enjoy the natural human expression of spiritual love and joy through music.

Tending to the Heart

Please join us in this scared time set aside to tend to our precious hearts. Through the powerful combination of touch, sound, intention and gentle guidance we will provide the heart space to love fully, grieve deeply and bring comfort to ourselves and our community.


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