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Clinical Director - heart2heart
LPC#2733  LMBT#692

Cathy Brooksie is a professional licensed counselor with over 20 years of experience. She graduated from SUNY Plattsburgh in 1996 with a Masters in Community Counseling and undergraduate in Music Performance.  Afterwards, she moved to North Carolina to study massage and bodywork therapy and earned a certification from The Body Therapy Institute. She then founded her own private practice, Integrative Intuitive Therapy, that allowed her to deepen her work with individuals, families, and the community during the diagnosis of illnesses and beyond. After becoming a Hospice Volunteer, Cathy completed her Death Doula Certification from Doorway Into Light in the spring of 2018. 


Cathy is honored to provide massage therapy, hands on healing, energy work, body talk practices and music for healing through her work with heart2heart. These modalities can help with muscle and joint pain as well as reduce anxiety and depression in support of individuals through times of loss, grief, transition, and fear. One of Cathy's great passions is working with musicians to create a soundscape for healing.

Cathy follows the orientation that deep stillness, unconditional love, non-judgement, and kindness holds a holy space for healing. 

Cathy Brooksie Edwards 

Amy Durso 


Sacred Musician - heart2heart


Amy considers it a pleasure and honor to offer her music and chanting practice as a part of the heart2heart experience. During the past several years, she's been blessed with opportunities to sing at Shakori Hills Sunday morning service and various community events as a part of the musical group,Trio Luna. She has also contributed her music and support to spiritual rituals, workshops, and numerous healing sessions.


As a seeker on the path of awakening, Amy pursues and experiences the power of drumming and sacred music to enter deeper states of consciousness for her own and others' emotional and spiritual healing. Like so many others, she has found that music and mantras have the ability to strengthen and enhance connection to Spirit and can beautifully and gently put people in touch with their emotions for deep inner work. Paired with the powerfully positive effects of hands-on healing, Amy and Cathy Brooksie create a safe space to be held in love and compassion; facilitating connection with individual Divine wisdom and guides that may lead participants to a deep healing space.


Amy begins her practice with a period of shamanic style drumming to weave people together and open a spiritual portal. From there, she is intuitively guided by songs, chants, and mantras from many spiritual traditions. Some mantras she choses to sing for specific purposes such as protection or calling in the healing divine presence of the Great Mother.  Amy plays a harmonium-like instrument called a shruti box. The shruti produces a beautiful meditative sound that invokes a wide variety of feelings and sensations. She also uses a frame drum, Koshi chimes, rattles and singing bowls. During sessions, she encourages individuals to chant, tone, or make any sounds that want to come forth....or just listen and receive and be carried by the flow of energy, music and touch.


Amy knows that this part of her practice connects her firmly to something greater, and it is an honor to share.

Sheila Fleming

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Sacred Musician and Educator - heart2heart


Sheila Fleming has created music for ceremonies and circles, coffee houses and concert halls, conferences and classrooms throughout the Midwest and the Southeast. Presently living in rural Chatham County, North Carolina, she creates, receives, and shares songs of deep purpose and meaning in a variety of settings. Sheila is that rare combination of talents – a dynamic teacher, a superlative singer, an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and an extraordinary songwriter. As a sacred music performer, Sheila shares her devotion to singing as a spiritual offering to others at retreats, workshops, festivals, and ceremonies. Accompanying herself and others on a variety of instruments (guitar, piano, frame drum, hand pan, native American flute, lyre, glockenspiel!), Sheila has been involved with numerous musicians and organizations, performing in concerts, interfaith and multicultural events with local community song leader Kathleen Hannan, with Amy Durso and Brooksie Edwards and friends as Trio Luna, and with musicians Amy and Scott Durso and poet Sharon Blessum in Soul Speak, a community sharing of song, spoken word, and spiritual wisdom. She currently teaches elementary music in Chapel Hill and presents workshops and clinics on Music and Mindfulness to educators, musicians, students and their families. 


Sheila has known the power of music all of her life, and it is with great honor and humility that she calls herself a practitioner of sacred music. Sheila prays that the same peace, joy and healing that music has brought to her is deeply experienced by those who receive her offerings.


John Westmoreland

Professional musician, songwriter and healing sound practitioner -heart2heart 


Based in the piedmont of NC, John grew up playing blues, folk and rock and went on to study jazz and classical composition at Berklee College of Music where he was a recipient of the BEST scholarship. In 2011 he became a founding member and lead guitarist for the West-African fusion band Kaira Ba, and in 2018 his new group Westmoreland released a debut album of original songs called "Cast Fire." Aside from performing and teaching John has a passion for exploring music as a spiritual process to facilitate healing and deep relaxation. In 2013 he received an Emerging Artists Grant from the Durham Arts Council to travel abroad to study shamanic musical traditions of the Amazon Jungle and the Andes mountains of Peru. Since then he has provided music for yoga and meditation, healing sound for acupuncture, and music relaxation sessions in memory care facilities.


He currently plays music for hospital patients as part of UNC Hospital’s Door to Door music program and works with Cathy Brooksie Edwards in the Heart to Heart program offering integrative, holistic healing sessions to individuals and family members of those diagnosed with terminal illness'. John's approach to music is intuitive and seeks to create a sacred soundscape/container for experiencing deeper connection within ourselves and to the world we inhabit.


He believes music to be a powerful medicine that can offer healing to the mind, body, and spirit.

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Abundance NC

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Reginal non-profit partner organization - heart2heart

At Abundance NC, we bring people together to exchange ideas and build strong communities resilient in the face of challenge.  We are a hub of sustainability and local economy in North Carolina, sourcing out abundant local and sustainable resources, helping people tap into those resources, and supporting the people making those resources available.

Everything we do revolves around bringing people together to build stronger, more sustainable and interconnected community in North Carolina. We believe we have everything we need, right here at home, to eat well, live amazing lives, and take care of the land on which we live.

How do we accomplish this mission?  We started out small and able to take on any interesting project at a moment’s notice — and we like to stay fleet of foot as we grow. We don’t have much red tape to wade through, so when we come across an inspiring idea, we go for it. That’s meant getting our hands dirty quite often, successfully initiating dozens of projects and throwing numerous memorable events– several of them now annual or seasonal affairs.