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Individual Sessions

Individual sessions are scheduled with a single practitioner or a licensed bodyworker/musician team. Each appointment begins with a verbal check-in to assess physical and emotional changes and needs. Depending on the individuals physical condition and situation, sessions are held either in heart2heart’s home office or in private homes. Immediate family members are welcome to be present. Appointments are between 60 to 120 minutes in length and include travel and set-up time.


Individual sessions are also for grieving family members that have lost their loved one.


Family and Friend Sessions


These sessions are typically initiated by family and friends at the juncture in which the terminally ill loved one is restricted to their bed. The licensed bodyworker/musician team work with the individual and their close community to structure and design a group session, according to their wishes. This unique opportunity allows everyone to be a part of the healing process through the ritual of community, music, touch and energy work. Appointments are between 60 to 120 minutes in length and include travel and set-up time.

Short Sessions for Nursing Facilities or Residential Care


These sessions are offered as a support service to in-care facilities or residential settings where individuals can receive short healing sessions in the privacy of their room. Residents can pre-register for a visit or practitioners can travel room to room and offer services in the moment. Family members and visitors may be present in the room. These visits typically include energy work such as Reiki or simple touch/hand holding while music is played. Licensed bodywork/musician teams schedule 120 minute time blocks for facility visitation.

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