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Just released! Heartspace II Real Life Stories on
Loss and Renewal


Discover our newest anthology of collected stories of personal experiences around loss and renewal. 

All profits from the sale of Heartspace books go to supporting the work of heart2heart.

Heartspace and Heartspace II are anthologies of personal stories about grief, loss, and love in death and dying. Through the heartfelt words of individual storytellers, readers will be inspired to shift their paradigms of death, dying, and grief while offering a chance to open their own hearts to healing and growth. 

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"I've always been a keeper of stories...they accumulated like treasured books on a shelf."

"As I witnessed the stories of others who were deeply affected by the loss of their beloveds, I saw my own life story come full circle. Working with the dying, and those who survive the dying time, is my true purpose."

- Cathy Brooksie Edwards 

  Editor of Heartspace and 

  Clinical Director of heart2heart

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Praise for Heartspace -

"With a gentle hand on our shoulder, Edwards brings us to the necessary places for a whole-hearted life–the deathbed and the grave. In this collection of stories of last moments and the landslide of grief that accompanies loss, we gain a glimpse of how it is and could be, before it is our turn. Woven through is the thread of community, and how a people's belief in dying and raising their lamentations can make the unbearable bearable. By the last story, there is a richly textured blanket around your shoulders, to accompany Edward’s gentle hand."

- Katherine Savage, Death Midwife

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