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Songs of Devotion

Saturdays, July 6, September 7, November 9

5:00–6:15 p.m.

Yoga Garden, Pittsboro

Prayerful singing and chanting is a natural human expression of spiritual love and joy, practiced throughout the ages around the world. It is well-documented scientifically that music can facilitate a deep healing response to depression, anxiety, tension, alienation, and fear. It also supports healing the physical, generational and emotional trauma in human DNA through vibrations and frequencies. 


Please join the heart2heartnc team Amy Durso, Sheila Fleming, and Lolly Dunlap at the beautiful Yoga Garden as they lead us in the uplifting and healing practice of devotional singing with mantras, prayers, words and sound from many sources and traditions. Discover your own voice and the strength of community, and together we will create a powerful container for increasing positive energy, attracting blessings, and deepening our connections with spirit. 

Join us

Please register at the Yoga Garden.  No prior or musical experience required. You'll be provided with text and guided musically into sacred chants. Come with an open and curious heart. Donations are welcome.

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