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Join us for an evening of  Tending to the Heart

Through sacred healers and musicians we will create community space for your heart to love fully, grieve deeply, and bring comfort.
Saturday, February 15 | 7 - 8:30 p.m.

We support individuals diagnosed with a serious illness by offering heart-centered massage, bodywork therapy, gentle guidance, energy healing and music.

Through grant funding and donations, heart2heart provides financial assistance for alternative therapies to support individuals who are diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. 

"Death is not the opposite of life.

Death is the opposite of birth,

and life holds them both."  

Sara Kerr - Soul Passages

From your greeting that made me feel valued (almost treasured), to your attention to my needs and concerns, to your strong yet sensitive hands and the music that instilled a deep sense of pleasure, calm, solace and joy...The experience of massage with live music was grand.

Thank you.


 - Joy Javits, Founder, DooR to DooR of UNC Health Care

I am so grateful for the loving, attentive care

my husband received over the last year of his life.  Brooksie created a sacred space for him- one where he felt totally comfortable, heard and held. I believe this gave him a sense of calm and the peace that he needed for his Transition.  A precious gift for him and so comforting and reassuring for me. I thank you with all my heart!

-Barb Ford