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Tending to the Heart

Friday, November 1

7:00–8:30 p.m.

Starrlight Mead @ The Plant, Pittsboro

In support of the 9th Annual Death Faire,  we set aside sacred time to tend to our own hearts, sorrow, and love surrounded by community to investigate death as an ally. Cathy Brooksie Edwards will lead us through a powerful journey of breathwork, light movement, healing touch. As we travel the transformative spaces of the season with a soulful soundscape provided by musicians Amy Durso, Lolly Dunlap, and Sheila Fleming, heart2heartnc offers the space to love fully, grieve deeply, and bring comfort to ourselves and the community.

What to bring

Please bring your own yoga mat, water, blanket, and any props that support your comfort as you relax into the stillness of your tender heart. Chairs will be available. Feel free to arrive several minutes early to prepare your spot and settle into your sacred space for participation. 

Join us

This free community event at Starrlight Mead does not require advanced registration. We welcome your tax-deductible donation to help support the ongoing work of heart2heartnc in bringing needed healing to our community. Participants can donate online or at the event.

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