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End-of-Life Support Services

The sacred time of passage can be filled with anxiety, sadness, depression, and fear. Finding comfort and support—emotionally, physically, and spiritually—during this difficult time and beyond can bring about a more peaceful transition; allow caregivers to better manage their fatigue; and help loved ones process their loss and grief. During this time and beyond, heart2heartnc can provide support through touch and sound sessions, death doula services, and green burial planning. If you would like to learn more about our End-of-Life Support Services, please contact Cathy Brooksie Edwards at or 919-548-4963.

With integrity, compassion, respect, and empathy, heart2heartnc offers support to those who are experiencing many different emotions during the end of life. Our team, consisting of a licensed clinical counselor, licensed bodyworker, licensed nurse, and sacred sound musician, provide holistic, in-home support that complement other services such as hospice or palliative care. By working with the individual during this time, along with family members and close community, we are able to create a meaningful and mindful session according to their wishes. This approach allows everyone to be a part of the process through the ritual of community, music, touch, and energy work. These in-home sessions are typically between 60 to 120 minutes.

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Touch and Sound Sessions (in-home)

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Death Doula

A death doula—also known as end-of-life doula, provides compassionate support to individuals and their family after a terminal diagnosis, when death is imminent, or even after death. Cathy Brooksie Edwards provides a holistic approach to death care by:

  • Creating space to speak openly about dying

  • Supporting spiritual and emotional well-being

  • Assessing and identifying unmet needs and comfort measures

  • Providing advocacy within the medical system

  • Guiding rituals for the after care of the body

  • Offering support for funeral and burial planning and legacy projects


We also provide guidance in the creation and completion of advance directives—legal documents that provide instructions for end-of-life care and only go into effect if you cannot communicate your own wishes. Planning now, regardless of your age or health status, can give you, your family, and friends the peace of mind that your personal wishes will be honored. Leigh Hall, our notary, is available to assist you in documenting and notarizing your advance directive at our Pittsboro office or in your home. 

Green Burial

In collaboration with Sanctuary at the Burrow, located in Chatham County, NC, heart2heartnc offers green burial coordination and celebration of life service planning and implementation.


As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, non-denominational organization, Sanctuary at the Borrow provides alternative burial services designed to honor individual choices. Led by a team of dedicated individuals who tend to this land, they assist families in providing spaces for loved ones who have passed in ways that are healthful to earth, and therefore, our communities.

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