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Dying Time Doula Services

Please note: These are independent clinical services available for private pay and separate from the offerings of heart2heartnc.  

Listening To Your Heart Dying Time Doula Services, an independent service from heart2heartnc

Cathy Brooksie Edwards is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Professional Massage and Bodywork Therapist. She completed the DOORWAY INTO LIGHT Death Doula Certification program in February of 2018. Cathy is a Hospice Volunteer in Chatham County and the clinical director and practitioner for heart2heart. 


Brooksie provides gentle support and guidance through the dying time and death process. For more information, please contact her at


End of Life Doula Services,  an independent service and community resource

Holly Menard is a trained non-medical holistic practitioner who serves as a companion and guide in navigating end of life. You may find more information about her services here

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